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We believe that every citizen has a right to feel safe in their community, that’s why we work with leaders, faith-groups, young people, police and key service providers to promote character, conflict resolution and resilience in communities. Together, we’re better.

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The Violent Crime Prevention Board (www.vcpb.org) announces the launch of VCP Ventures led by our new board member, Jeremy Chapman. This will be a one-year business start-up support programme to mark and recognise three years since the launch of the Violent Crime Prevention Board.

Our Themes

Crime isn’t caused by any one thing, so we focus on eight core themes, each one addresses the main contributory factors of violent crime and fills an identified communications gap. The themes our board covers are, youth, parents & family, stop & search, education, health and wellbeing, faith, community growth and policing. 


Working with all young people, including those affected by violent crime

Parents & Family

Access to support services, mentoring & guidance for carers

Find out about funding opportunities for community initiatives

Health & Wellbeing

Providing specialist advice and consultation on health-based approaches to preventing knife crime


Support for families and teachers working with vulnerable young people to keep them in education


Connect and engage to strengthen relationships between the faith communities to join up opportunities to collaborate

Community Policing

Working in partnership to strengthen relationships between the community and police

Police & Youth Engagement
Practical advice around Stop & Search Procedures


VCP-Ventures excited to announce that we have extended the deadline following a very fruitful conversation with Vissionnairres and Capital City College Group.

We have extended the deadline until 24 December 2021. Successful 50 will be announced in the New Year. VCP-Ventures is excited to announce that we have extended the deadline for applications following a very fruitful conversation with Vissionnairres and Capital City College Group. Our aspiration is to include members of

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VCP Ventures Application date is now extended

WE HAVE AMAZING NEWS!!! Due to the high level of interest we received in our VENTURES programme, we have extended our application deadline to December 24th (Christmas Eve) 🎉🎉🎉 This is such a life-changing opportunity for 16-30 years old’s, and we wouldn’t want anyone to miss out. Take advantage of

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Approaches to Violence Reduction

July 2019

On 16th April 2019, we hosted a working breakfast conference that included young people, community leaders, practitioners, police, and policy-makers at the Renaissance Hotel, Kings Cross. The conference primarily focused upon listening to the voices of young people and those impacted by violence, who constituted the majority of those present. 

The discussion explored the underlying issues causing violent crime and proposed solutions. These issues are complex and are examined across various themes such as health, faith and third-sector, families, youth, education and stop-and search. We want these results to constitute an important contribution to the debate around violent crime for the community and policy-makers.

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The VCPB is always seeking to engage with partners to improve outcomes for our young people to help them achieve their dreams and aspirations.  Please get in touch

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