Ambassadors and Champions

It is evident that in today’s society there is a need for coaching and mentorship. Young people require good role models who they can look up to and support them to navigate life’s challenges and fuel their knowledge and confidence in what they can achieve.

Positive Influencers

These are individuals with a proven track record of positively influencing young people; they have kudos within their respected areas of expertise and work closely with the Violent Crime Prevention Board to help us create an impact in the lives of young people. 

Ambassadors and Champions help to push the #ViolentCrimePrevention Movement to the masses through mapping, networking and influencing; to make the United Kingdom a safer place. Teamwork is key amongst the Ambassadors and Champions.

VCP Ambassadors are influential young people (entrepreneurs, youth leaders, athletes, artists, etc) who work closely with other young people. VCP Champions are influential social figures who support our strategy and events.

Our Ambassadors and Champions are perfect examples of excellence and what it means to work hard and achieve your dreams and goals. We want to show all young people that You Can Do It Too!

Violent Crime in London; it's time for a change

An animated film piece by three very talented young individuals from Middlesex University London.  We must rewrite the script, young people are not numbers and statistics, neither defined by narrative presented by the media. Positive Support = Positive Results.


Amani Simpson


Amani Simpson is an entrepreneur and youth leader. At the age of 21 he was stabbed 7 times after intervening in a dispute. Since then he has turned his life around through business and has recently produced a powerful short film about his life. He plans to use it as a tool for personal development workshops in schools, prisons and PRUs. Watch AMANI here!

Amani is now the North London Ambassador for the #LondonNeedsYouAlive Campaign.

“I am supporting VCPB because I believe that negative mindsets kill people not knives or guns. I am dedicated to support any paradigm shifting projects that include long term solution-focused approaches for young people and those that serve them”Amani Simpson


Katy Thompson

Streetbase Project Coordinator

Katy Thompson has played an active role in her local council from the age of 12. Katy has sat on various local council boards, providing a voice for young people in her borough. Katy is currently the Coordinator for Waltham Forest council’s Streetbase project; a peer-to-peer engagement programme. Streetbase’s vision, is to see fewer young people on the street and more young people mastering their crafts and securing their futures. We do this by talking to young people, in hotspot areas of Waltham Forest about their interests and signposting them to positive activities or referring them onto services of relevancy. It is completely youth led, with Katy being 22 and her patrollers aged 16-25. Which allows us to design and shape the programme, with young people being at the heart of it.

As a mother, Katy is inspired to improve access to support young parents, enabling them to raise their children in a safe setting and to instil in them hope and aspirations; away from the vicious cycle of violence.

Katy is a strong advocate for building young people’s knowledge of society, politics and the justice system and is keen to improve social mobility and diversity in the workplace. Katy believes that in order to achieve the change we want to see, we must start with our young people.


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Faron Alex Paul

Street Vigilante

Faron Alex Paul can be described as a street vigilante, who is actively trying to tackle crime on the streets of London. After being stabbed 18 times, Faron has been campaigning tirelessly in the effort to prevent knife and gun crime and has become a prominent voice amongst our youth.

Faron is the creator of Don’t Stab Your Future, a foundation backed by multiple influencers, which urges young people to follow in the right path and campaigns against violent crime.

Faron says “I believe I have come up with a strategy to help persuade them to give up their weapons with minimal resistance and in fact a keen willingness but it’s going to cost a little. However, I promise it won’t cost anywhere near the amount a funeral or a court case would cost.”

Faron’s work makes a great impact on the lives of young people and informs our knowledge of the reality of violent crime.




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Cllr Eartha Pond

Queen’s Park Community Councillor

Allergic to the word can’t, Eartha demonstrates this consistently within education, politics and sport. Signing for Arsenal Women at 12, Eartha achieved accolades such as winning the FA Cup, Premier League and Championships abroad as a professional in America. Alongside sporting success, Eartha excelled into Senior Leadership positions within education. Receiving accolades including Sports Teacher of the Year, School of the Year and most recently a Global Teacher Prize Finalist from over 34,000 applicants across 173 countries.

Eartha has designed a bespoke schools programme called PROM 8, which supports underperforming pupils, reduce NEETS, enhances student leadership, improves parental engagement and encourages schools to provide suitable provisions for all learners. Eartha still finds time to play an active role within her community, as an elected Councillor. Eartha holds a unique position as part of the only Parish Council in London and advocates for vulnerable groups such as the elderly and young people. An active trustee at The Avenues Youth Project, which facilitates community engagement through Open Age, TBAP and year-round provisions. This snapshot of Eartha’s work demonstrates why she’s a ChangeMaker in the Evening Standards: Progress 1000. Eartha is an influential volunteer following the Grenfell Tower Fire.



Bobby Kasanga

Hackney Wick FC

Bobby Kasanga is the founder of London’s leading community football club, Hackney Wick FC. A former gang member, Bobby spent nearly eight years in prison. On his release, he decided to repay his community by establishing the borough’s first ever semi-professional football team.

Hackney Wick FC is not your typical football club. Now comprised of 230 active players across 18 teams, the club’s ethos is based on community engagement and uniting diverse groups as well as battling peer pressure and tackling gang influences. Bobby and Hackney Wick FC engage both young people and adults through training, fitness, community projects, and football matches; offering educational workshops, sporting opportunities, mentoring and access to work routes. They work with young people already involved in gangs, those on the brink of falling into gang life and others who might not be aware of the associated risks.

Bobby and Hackney Wick FC want to help young people ‘think outside the box’ — to look beyond their neighbourhood and dream big.



Samuel Boateng


Samuel Boateng is an award-winning sales expert, business advisor and speaker, recently responsible for managing and generating new business for over 700 companies across London. In 2016 Samuel was chosen to be a candidate on BBC One’s The Apprentice. Samuel is also the founder of Build and Master, a learning platform for entrepreneurs and professionals, supporting entrepreneurs in growing their businesses and helping professionals enhance in their careers. This is done through online courses, seminars, conferences, and online resources constructed and delivered by some of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs and industry experts.

“I support VCPB and believe through the involvement of Build and Master, more young people from disadvantaged backgrounds will now have free access to business mentors, tools and resources required to take them to places they previously did not think were possible.”Samuel Boateng




Stephen Akinsanya


Stephen Akinsanya has been in private practice as a criminal barrister for 25 years and is a member of Great James Street Chambers in London. His youth work began almost 15 years ago when he took on the role as a Sunday school teacher at Croydon Community Church. His belief in the principle that, ‘Every young person has a gift waiting to be unearthed’, was the driving force for his passion to mentor and inspire all those years ago and he remains as passionate today. He often shares with pride the experience of the very first mentee he worked with, now a successful Company Secretary in his early 30’s.

Stephen’s passion has intensified through his involvement as a defence barrister representing young people, many aged 12 to 21 charged with murder and manslaughter. The drama and intensity of the court room coupled with the unspoken fear of a murder trial is a message he is keen for all young people to hear. A moment of madness literally changing the course of not just that person’s life but all those connected to the tragic event.

Unfulfilled potential in a graveyard or behind prison bars for many years are the realities of the choice to carry a knife. Unforeseen lives ruined through the decision.

“It’s not too late to be the person you might have been!”Stephen Akinsanya 

Brian Hamlin LLB

Guinness Partnership Limited

Brian Hamlin LLB is a community Partnership Manager working for a national housing provider Guinness Partnership Limited. He works strategically across some of the country’s most deprived wards identifying local needs and aspirations. Working closely with private and public sectors he creates mechanisms that support communities and individuals to be safe and successful.

“I feel privileged to support VCB approach to the community success by highlighting good practice and stakeholder services. I firmly believe in social movement and community development as these are the cornerstones of what we all strive for happy, healthy and strong communities.”Brian Hamlin LLB


Michael Wallace

Co-founder KickOff@3

Michael Wallace is a serving Metropolitan Police Officer working in Community and Youth Engagement, who co-founded KickOffAt3 (CIC) in 2017, before the value of connectedness and relationships for vulnerable young people became accepted wisdom. The unique element derives from recognising how team sports provide unique stable relationships youngsters often lack.

The KickOffAt3 ethos revolves around Community Youth Engagement of disaffected and disadvantaged. exceeding the “youth diversion model” by establishing a core of long-lasting relationships between young people (15-17) and local police leads, driven by imaginative combinations of sport, music, and fundraising for several demographically relevant health and well-being charities.

In partnership with Royal Air Force Recruitment Teams they facilitate career opportunities and will continue to remove cultural, financial and societal barriers to accessing training or employment. KickOffAt3’s reach has grown 17 tournaments of 1800 youth players, facilitated by 150 volunteers. All but Wales, the UK is fully covered as is Eire. More Police Authorities will join this season, several beyond the UK.

“You run faster alone but you go further as a group”Michael Wallace


Nathaniel Peat


Nathaniel Peat is a Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Business Coach, Engineer, Pilot and man of many talents and achievements. He is listed on the 2018 BAME Top 100 business list, 2017 Black Power List, 2017 EMPower Financial Times List and 2016 saw an entry onto the Financial Times Upstanding 100 BME Executive List. Nathaniel is co-founder of GeNNex Solar which provides innovative renewable energy products in Africa, and founded The Safety Box; a social enterprise whose training and development programmes assist with reducing youth violence in prisons and schools, also helping young people develop important skills such as leadership, communication and conflict resolution. In 2015 Peat was the only UK entrepreneur selected by Virgin Unite to attend a week long leadership gathering on Necker Island with Sir Richard Branson. Nathaniel was also a co-founding Trustee of the EY Foundation in 2014, and Patron of the EY Foundation which supports disadvantaged young people into work across the UK.

“I am delighted to support the efforts of VCPB in the mission to making a positive impact in the lives of young people. Violence is like a plague sweeping the land and I am driven to work alongside VCPB to create tangible solutions that will help to reduce the terrible killings and violence that occur on our streets. By working together I hope that my organisation The Safety Box will be able to share evidence based best practices, feed in intelligence-led information, and give strategic advice and support that will help to compliment long-term solution focused efforts in reducing violence. It’s about being a light in darkness and that’s exactly what VCPB is doing”Nathaniel Peat


Emmanuel Asumadu


Emmanuel Asumadu is an Army Personal Development multi-award winner. He joined the army in 2007. Throughout his career, he has always relished the opportunity to find solutions to complex problems and sought to prove his ability as a leader to enable him to mentor his subordinates to a professional standard.

Emmanuel is grateful to the Army for instilling in him a set of values that he believes in. He feels that over the course of his career to date, he has gained invaluable experience which, when combined with a belief in the Army’s Values and Standards, ensures he is well placed to now give something back to the community by inspiring the youth with his experience. He believes that the teeniest good deed can bring change and positively impact someone’s life.

“I’m privileged to be part of the elite Champions and Ambassadors for Violent Crime Prevention Board. More importantly, I’m looking forward to helping combat violence and crime to make our communities a safer place; using motivation, inspiration, and education.”Emmanuel Asumadu


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