Communications Strategy

The VCPB communication strategy sets out the main ways in which the board will convey its core messages to the public, local authorities, government departments, media and other relevant parties that have an interest in the area of addressing violent crime.

The strategy focuses upon seven specific areas listed below.


Working in partnership, we are attempting to rewrite the narrative on the relationships between the community and police.

Narrative and Message

The VCPB will seek to challenge negative stereotypes, reporting about indigenous ethnic groups in the UK and counter incorrect narratives that serve to inflame issues and polarise debate about the source and levels of violent crime.

This will be achieved by highlighting stories of success and providing quality statistical information regarding the achievements of relevant demographic groups to editors of newspapers and other media outlets as required. [1]  The VCPB adopts a multi-faith approach and will also address Islamophobic, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian narratives in the media.

Themes and Collective Responsibility

The VCPB has incorporated its ethos and message into the themes of its strategy document. The board therefore accepts collective responsibility to communicate the agreed key themes as stated and to adhere to the core messages. The messages will be simplified into easily quotable and understood lines that can be shared with the media and public.

For example, the board seeks to ‘champion progress,’ elevate people from ‘victims to victors,’ focus on solutions rather than problems; overcome the effects of trauma by building resilience.[2] Other messages such as the joined-up, intelligence-led approach serve as useful sub-themes to develop the VCP message.

Championing Progress

One of the key messages that the VCPB is keen to share is that progress is possible for all. It is also keen to celebrate the progress of individuals and to communicate success in annual awards ceremonies or other events with high profile or celebrity guests and media in attendance.

The VCPB believes that positive role models, icons and success stories play an important role in crime prevention; they inspire children to believe in new possibilities make better choices.

Mapping Initiatives

The VCPB aims to communicate the valuable service provision in relation to tackling violent crime across London and the UK.  This website will list agencies, charities and organisations that are making a significant impact in their communities and highlight best practice. [3]

As part of its communication strategy and collaborative approach, the VCPB website would aim to act in a referral capacity for the community, providing easily understood visual connections and recommending the work of various agencies to the interested parties.

Technology and Media

The VCPB will make use of available technology to share its core themes and messages. Although the website will constitute the main outlet of communication, other platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter etc. will also help to facilitate the message of the board to different audiences.

The board will also engage with the media using film-makers radio broadcasts and television interviews to communicate its message. This includes responding to current issues and events of national importance as they occur.

Engaging Government, Public Bodies and Police

As part of its communication strategy, the VCPB will actively seek to engage with and communicate its message with government, police forces and key non-governmental organisations. The Violent Crime Prevention message is a message for the nation.

Over the coming months and years, the board will act with an ambassadorial spirit to convey the strategy and ethos area by area and city by city.

Multi-Faith Inclusive Messaging

The VCPB will aim to communicate with an inclusive style and language that appeals to those of different ages, backgrounds and faiths.

This will ensure that no sectors of society are excluded from grasping the aims and objectives of the VCP movement and having an opportunity to work collectively to support individuals within the community,

Key words behind the message

Joined UP
Victors not Victims
Solution Focus

A Useful Acronym Incorporating the message


VCPB: Strategy
A Vision to Champion Progress

Our Strategy

On 16th April 2019, we hosted a working breakfast conference that included young people, community leaders, practitioners, police, and policy-makers at the Renaissance Hotel, Kings Cross. The conference primarily focused upon listening to the voices of young people and those impacted by violence, who constituted the majority of those present. 

The discussion explored the underlying issues causing violent crime and proposed solutions. These issues are complex and are examined across various themes such as health, faith and third-sector, families, youth, education and stop-and search. We want these results to constitute an important contribution to the debate around violent crime for the community and policy-makers.

Getting Involved

You don’t have to be qualified or have a public facing role to get involved. Be committed to making a change in our community and we will identify how you might support our collective efforts.

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