Chigozie’s top 5 reasons for becoming a Volunteer Police Cadet

My name is Chigozie and I am currently Head Cadet of Southwark Volunteer Police Cadets.

I first became a cadet four years ago, when my schools officer advised me to join. After contemplating, I finally decided to attend a session, which I extremely enjoyed. I felt as if I been introduced to a new community of people, where I was able to learn, laugh and be tested.

Over the years, I have learnt how to be a good team player; how to work in difficult situations and I have also matured as an individual. I am thankful that I was introduced to the VPC as if I had not joined, I would not have experienced many things, such as camping and orienteering. I am also very thankful that being a police cadet has helped improve my CV, where employers are always eager to ask me about my role as police cadet. Additionally, whilst applying for universities I was able to highlight many skills that I have learnt as a police cadet, that slightly link to my chosen degree, Law.

This October, I will be studying Law at the University this year, as a first-generation student, who has during her GCSE’s and A Level studies, she has had caring responsibilities for her autistic brother. Lastly, for those who want to give back to their community; meet new people; find a new passion or simply want to improve their CV, I’d advise you to join the Volunteer Police Cadet service in your area. I believe without being a cadet, I would not have become such a well-rounded individual and would not have known that I was such a natural team leader. 

Chigozie’s top 5 reasons why young people should become Volunteer Police Cadets

  1. Meet a new community of people
  2. Discover your strengths & weaknesses while learning new skills
  3. Participate in events and activities such as camping & orienting
  4. Great experience to show on your CV & employers want to know about it
  5. You grow and mature to become the best version of yourself ready for higher education or work

If you’re interested, or know young people that would benefit from this type of programme, visit for more information

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