UniRise helps young people get into TOP universities…

Hello everyone. I hope this is okay to post here. As a Teach First graduate I’m passionate about our children achieving in education and beyond. A fellow TF Graduate, Oliver Kourosh, discovered that ‘most advantaged applicants are 6 times more likely to enter top universities compared to the most disadvantaged’, and that 75% of the advice that students are receiving from teachers isn’t aligned with university admissions tutors’ advice.
So, Oliver and a colleague interviewed over 20 admissions tutors from Oxbridge/Russell Group universities and found out what they’re actually looking for. They then devised an online course that takes students through exactly how to write an excellent personal statement based on their insights.

They also asked admissions tutors to give feedback to over 300 personal statements. They share this feedback with students on our courses so that they can see for themselves the do’s and don’ts of the personal statement.

For more information visit: www.unirise.co.uk


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