Community Growth

The VCPB supports third sector, charity and council organisations who are working to build and better their communities. These are organisations who aim to make a major change in their communities and build a more aspirational future for our young people.

Our goal is to join together those who are working towards a shared vision to create safe, inspiring communities in which we all can thrive.


If you are a young person looking for support or opportunities in this area and want your voice to be heard in your community, here you will find organsations who are offering roles in this field. 

Equally, if you are third sector, charity or council organisation looking for others that share your values and approach to building your communities, here you will find organisations that could be potential partners for you.

What do we do?

  • We provide information about local grassroots organisations that deliver services within communities
  • We engage with Police Independent Advisory and Other IAG groups to represent a community voice
  • We aim to demonstrate the importance of collaboration across themes to prevent violent crime through promoting engagement activities

Who do we work with?

We work with all members of the community including: service providers and service users across the board.

  • Youth
  • Community (the public)
  • Voluntary sector
  • Local authority
  • Public sector
  • Schools and educational facilities
  • Community services
  • Libraries and other information outlets

What are we working on this year?

Making links with local organisations and mapping their services, in particular grassroots organisations

  • Connecting with all Police IAG;s and share ambition
  • Identifying services through local organisations and CVS
  • Engaging with at least 10 services per BCU area with support from fellow VCPB members, then adding such services to our website information outlets

I have the honour of working with a diverse team of individuals with a passion to enable change for young people and the community.  This includes changing the stereotypical views of individuals and groups, mainly through a media lens. 

I believe that through the VCPB, creating and using influence that hope is possible, opportunities are possible, change is possible and peace inevitable.

I have used voice to amplify others and have seen and experienced positive results.  However these are insufficient.  A way of measuring outcomes is important this year.  An area of concern is the plight of young people in the criminal justice system.  They need to have hope and opportunities to enable change and lead peaceful, successful lives.  I believe that this can be achieved by VCP collaboration, networking and influencing.


Funding opportunities will be posted here shortly…

Community Organisations

Get involved with the Organisations below who are growing communities

Getting Involved

Do you have influence in your community & wish to get involved with the vcpb?

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