The VCPB aims to make contact with key leaders from all faith denominations, including none faith perspectives to inform our work and explore ways of working closer together.

We adopt a multi-faith approach to violent crime prevention to capture the learning gained from across the board to develop a robust model that can be utilised to prevent and reduce crime.


The theme of faith is represented on our wider board by Rev Nims Obunge and Patrice Bailey. Together they work with communities to help promote understanding, develop relationships with faith leaders and share best practice on working together to tackle issues relating to violent crime. 

Rev. Nims Obunge
Patrice Bailey

What do we do?

We influence faith and community initiatives to strengthen relationships between young people and authorities to build trust and remove fear. We do this by the following means:

Who do we work with?

Multi-faith communities, leaders and faith based charities and organisations to inform them of what we do to share best practice and leverage on opportunities to prevent an overlap of services in the prevention of violent crime.

How do we do it?

Through networking, engaging, linking and communicating.

What have we done so far?

Connect and engage to strengthen relationships between the faith communities

This year we’re working a series of small borough wide meetings with key leaders of faith communities and community leaders to:

I joined the VCPB because I am deeply passionate about our young people and their development. Our young people deserve to live without fear, stigmatisation and have a fair chance to succeed. This board is willing to stand up and give young people that chance. To fight on their behalf.

I want to work with other like-minded individuals who believe the same. To take the action necessary to ensure there is a change in the narrative and our young people are safe, educated and able to live fulfilling lives. I believe that faith has a powerful part to play in providing solutions to our society’s problems and that we need a multi faith approach to violent crime prevention.

Faith is not only a support to the families that are victims of crime but it provides answers and hope of a better future for all. I hope that by bringing faith communities together to pray, engage and work in partnership we can be a much needed voice for our communities and a place of safety and transformation.

I believe my life experience from being an at risk youth to a Businesswoman, Minister, Mentor and Mother of 4, my education, community and faith work as well as my 15 years’ business experience can provide support, strategic thinking and influence for the board and help in facilitating the linking of faith, community and young people.

I am excited to take the action needed to make a difference and drive the vision of VCPB forward to champion progress.

Getting Involved

Do you have influence in your community & wish to get involved with the vcpb?

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