SPOTLIGHT: Remarkable work carried out by faith groups to bring food security to London

The VCPB are proud to showcase the extraordinary work carried out by our faith lead Nims Obunge.  Along with a dedicated team of volunteers they are leading the way to preventing hunger in London.  I visited The Community Food Hub last month to experience firsthand how it all works.

A day in the life of a volunteer

The long day started with washing hands, sanitising, getting disposable aprons, masks and gloves.  The team of volunteers had already begun prepping before I arrived at around 10am.  Tables were cleaned, food already on location was being sorted through, sell by dates checked, tables arranged.  The venue was thoroughly cleaned while others arranged barriers and registration. I was introduced to everyone and had a quick walk through before the main briefing. We were all waiting with eager anticipation for the main delivery to arrive.

In the welcome talk and briefing, the leadership team were clear about our objectives, safety and asked for feedback and suggestions on how things might be improved at the end of the day.  We were told what to expect, possible challenges and the importance of treating everyone with dignity, consistency and politeness. Tickets with a marker meant it was a family- so we would double or quadruple the quantity given.

I instantly felt ready and comforted by the sweet melody of gospel background music.  Regular updates of how many had registered and what to expect helped me to keep soldiering through.  It was hard work and long hours- but an enjoyable feeling to be part of something so important, so special, so valuable to the community.

On reflection I considered- food security, ethical capitalism, community service and working within a supportive team dynamic are particularly special during these uncertain times of COVID19; a chance to make friends and apply your skills to something meaningful. 

By early evening it was pelting down with rain.  I had to muster up renewed energy to begin the clearing and cleaning.  The team were full steam ahead by this point with dismantling boxes, refrigerating meat, dairy and cooked meals.  Sweeping, washing surfaces and chattering.  Volunteers were offered the opportunity to take home food too.  I live so far away, but this is something I will certainly do again as much as possible. If you have spare time, I recommend you get involved in this wonderful initiative.

Massive THANK YOU & Shout out to everyone at The Community Food Hub!

About Us

The Community Food Hub is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5pm and Saturdays at 3pm. If you are in need of free, fresh food, come down a little early to our next session and sign up in person to join us.

We provide food for people across 17 London boroughs – you don’t have to live in Tottenham! If you know someone that would benefit from our service, please pass on this message

#Faith groups creating food security in London

No hunger, no waste. A direct response to hunger and food poverty in our community, from Freedom’s Ark and the Peace Alliance

Ways to get in touch

020 8493 0050

The Community Food Hub is located @

Town Hall Approach Road, London, N15 4RY

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