The Violent Crime Prevention – Crime Prevention Conference & Breakfast @VCP_UK

On 16th April, the Violent Crime Prevention Board hosted a working breakfast conference that included young people, community leaders, practitioners, police, and policy-makers at the Renaissance Hotel, Kings Cross. The breakfast conference primarily focused upon listening to the voices of young people and those impacted by violence, who constituted the majority of those present.  The discussion explored the underlying issues causing violent crime and proposed solutions.  These issues are complex and will be examined across various themes such as health, faith and third-sector, families, youth, education and stop-and search and the results will constitute an important contribution to the debate around violent crime for the community and policy-makers.

About the Board

The Violent Crime Prevention Board was launched last year at Scotland Yard. The President is Neville Lawrence and is chaired by Dr Angela Herbert MBE. It represents a community-based, ground-breaking approach to tackling serious violence and is made up of professionals from the health, family, police, education and youth sectors, as well as young people. The Board is supported at the highest level in the MET and also signals a new movement, VCP (violent crime prevention – Vison to Champion Progress) and is continuing to grow in number and influence.

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