VCPB 2020 Community Awards

Popular Influencer Award

“Thank you so much to the Violent Crime Prevention Board for the recognition of my Online Media Law UK work & the ‘Popular Influencer’ award. I’m especially honoured given all the inspiring groups and individuals nominated for their positive impact in our communities. Please do take a look at the VCPB’s work and all the other winners if you get a chance today: it’s inspirational to hear in spite of all the challenges Covid-19 has brought this year.

Dr Holly Powell-Jones, Founder Online Media Law UK

Outstanding Contribution Award

“ I am delighted that the  work of our staff has been recognised through this prestigious award. In addition to providing a first class education Newman College has a family ethos. As in all families we care and look out for each other on a daily basis. I am proud of the support offered by this school to the local community throughout both the lockdown and our summer camps. We understand that when the people of Harlesden work together the advantages are limitless. It is in this spirit that we gratefully accept the VCPB award.”

Danny Coyle , Head Teacher Newham College


Inspirational Person Under 18 Award

“This is amazing, thank you so much for honouring me with this award.  I just felt that I had to write from my heart at the time and get my get my feelings out to help other people that are in my situation.  I felt it was my duty to help other people going through tough times.”

Sam Jay Robinson, Author: No Dad, No Big Deal, Still I Rise


Leading Social Change and Innovation Award

“Community work is a team sport. This award is a recognition and celebration of that team, in particular the young leaders I feel very blessed to serve and work with. In these challenging times this award is also great reminder of the power of meaningful and transformational conversations. Thank you.”

Bob Singha

Championing Social Wellbeing Award

Firstly, I would like to thank the Violent Crime Prevention Board for hosting such an encouraging awards platform recognising the talents within its community that contribute to help change negative social issues that affect society today.
Although unexpected, I am truly grateful to receive the award for ‘Championing Social Wellbeing’ on behalf of my social change agency, Naked Truth. At Naked Truth we advocate change by engaging and communicating with individuals and organisations to positively influence the greater society. We see the award as a testimony to our ethos: “to amplify the voice of those with a social cause.”

Diahanne Rhiney, MD of Naked Truth Agency

Special Recognition Award

“We are deeply humbled and overwhelmed to receive a Special Recognition Award from the VCPB. Jose Foundation accept the award to amplify our voices to end all crimes against humanity, not limited to child sexual exploitation, rape, female genital mutilation FGM, child marriage, human trafficking and gender based violence. We’re not naive to think we can end all these crimes, but with collaboration and awareness, we will surely prevent these crimes.

Dr Martins, CEO Jose Foundation UK

Special Recognition Award

We were surprised and delighted to be nominated for and the recipients of this special achievement award.  We believe that having a job is absolutely key to reducing offending and reoffending and helping our jobseekers secure real work is what we do.  

Maggie Walsh – Operations Director, A Fairer Chance

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