VCPB: Approaches to Violence Reduction Report


On 16th April, the Violent Crime Prevention Board hosted a working breakfast conference that included young people, community leaders, practitioners, police, and policy-makers at the Renaissance Hotel, Kings Cross. The breakfast conference primarily focused upon listening to the voices of young people and those impacted by violence, who constituted the majority of those present. The discussion explored the underlying issues causing violent crime and proposed solutions. These issues are complex and are examined across various themes such as health, faith and third-sector, families, youth, education and stop-and search. We want these results to constitute an important contribution to the debate around violent crime for the community and policy-makers.

The VCPB: Approaches to Violence Reduction Report

The VCPB presented over 250 attendees with 8 questions. Each question is based upon a theme the VCPB has identified, and intended to provoke discussion and ideas among the attendees. The 250+ attendees came from a variety of professional and academic backgrounds, community leads, youth; parents of victims and victims of violent crime, faith groups, and interested individuals. Responses from the attendees were collated, and in doing so, a number of trends become apparent. Based upon these trends the responses were aligned alongside similar responses, producing 7 clear key concepts. The concepts identified from the Crime Prevention Conference and Breakfast coalesce to form a concrete foundation for actionable recommendations. You can find these actionable recommendations in our ‘VCPB: Approaches to Violent Reduction’ Report.

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( ! ) We really encourage everyone to read the report, implement these actionable recommendations and share. The results are eye-opening! The full details about the event, in-depth results, identified concepts, and actionable recommendations can be found in the report. Reading this report is absolutely necessary.

More information

It was theorised that if a general consensus can be identified for an idea(s) to reduce violence from the answers provided by a number of field ‘experts’, then the identified idea is one which is needing of pursuance.

Analysis of these answers would help ascertain what a range of individuals believed were beneficial approaches to the problem. And if such attitudes were apparent, were these shared across the group? Therefore potentially indicating an area relevant for development.

The overall intention of the event and this subsequent report is to aid the development of insight on how best to approach the subject of violence in young people, from a wide variety of people with different experiences, attitudes, and behaviours toward the subject matter. It will assist in building an understanding of opinions from a wide demographic of people regarding how to best prevent violence amongst young people and potential methods to be used to counter it.

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