Violent Crime Prevention, 1-Year On

On Thursday 26 September 2019 The Violent Crime Prevention Board (VCPB) will be hosting an event to acknowledge the highlights and achievements from the movement’s first year. This celebratory event is kindly being sponsored by Wayra UK of Piccadilly Circus, London and provides an opportunity for the Board to pay homage to its invaluable supporters and share its vision going forward.

With Dr Neville Lawrence OBE, as a patron, and Dr Angela Herbert MBE as the chair, VCPB promotes a collaborative approach to tackling the issue of violence and is committed to illuminating the stories of young people that are progressing and striving in their given fields.

Dr Lawrence and Dr Herbert state that “they are pleased to have worked alongside dedicated Board members over the past year, and although we have made progress, we know that there is still much to do.  We are also truly grateful to the many groups and individuals that we have collaborated with, however, we need will be identifying more grassroots organisations across the country, families and young people that are doing amazing things to help prevent violent crime.  Next year in response to feedback from the community, we will be broadening our networks and identifying positive impact, collaborating with partners and continue to share good practice.

A few of the VCPB highlights over the last 12 months include:

  • Working in partnership with a number of organisations that hold the same values as the VCPB, in that we are promoting positive opportunities – shining a light on the achievements in order to diminish the darkness of issues and problems of violent crime.
  • Hosting an event in April to hear the voices of over 250 delegates from the community; including police, young people, faith leaders, victims’ families, industry and third sector organisations.
  • Launching an Ambassadors and Champions initiative to give young people access to high profile and successful people within their sector; providing a steppingstone to where they aspire to be.  These include Eartha Pond, professional woman footballer, Fazamnesty – Faron Alex Paul, Stephen Akinsanya, Defence Barrister and PC Naomi Wood, London Borough of Southwark.

Looking to the future VCBP will be:

  • Increasing the number of organisations, it partners with.
  • Networking with private, statutory and third sector organisations to influence opportunities for young people.
  • Listening to the concerns of communities and signposting to meaningful support
  • Influencing government, policy and impacting on practice to enable better outcomes for young people to prevent them becoming victims and perpetrators of violent crime
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