Welcome to the VCP-Ventures Programme!

This is an exciting opportunity all about supporting you with your business idea. That idea that you perhaps thought about a while back, that’s different and really excites you, but you don’t quite know what to do with it next, or who to talk to, so it’s just sat there in your mind doing nothing. Sound like you? Then read on.

We have the support of some excellent businesses and individuals who are committed to improving your business opportunities. Don’t miss this as it really is a great chance to improve your approach, or potentially much more.

There are 5 structured phases towards achieving VCP-Vs goal of identifying 5 candidates that will receive support and guidance to progress their business idea.

VCPB will support 50 shortlisted applicants.

Criteria – a business idea that the applicant identifies as unique, responsible and has the potential to thrive. The individual would recognise that the service or product is unique and/or fills a gap in the market and will generally have a positive impact. They would demonstrate commitment to the product or service and any support/funding plus agreement to present (explain your story and experience) at the VCPB 2022 event.

The stages:

Phase 1 – Application

Email us with your application – see address below. There is no application form and we have no fixed structure, meaning any form of presentation medium can be used (written, video, a song – be creative!)

Information to include:

Your first name and last name initial only – i.e. Tim P

1. Your unique business idea and name

2. A broad summary of your idea including what makes it really different

3. Why you think it is going to work

4. Why they think you should receive Ventures support

5. What areas you think you need help with to make your business work

From the initial applicants, 50 will be selected to move on to the next stage.

Phase 2 – Pitch

You will be invited to record a 2 minute video pitch explaining your business idea – your intention will be to impress our panel that you have a great idea along with passion and confidence to move forward. As with the original application, there is no prescribed format for this and you can be as creative as you like with your video pitch.

30 successful applicants will be invited to move to next stage.

Phase 3 – Live Video Pitch

A video meeting with the Ventures panel including guidance from the panel and other business experts to discuss business fundamentals and to uncover more about you, your personality and drive. Your task then will be to pitch your refined idea in front of the panel and your peers.

We are here to help and support you, so do not be fearful of this part! Presentations are an important part of business and we will guide you ahead of you taking your turn.

15 successful applicants will be invited to move to next stage.

Phase 4 – Live in Person Meeting

The 15 will be invited to meet with us in person at a London business venue to firstly recognise the excellent progress made thus far and so that we can also really get to know you better in person and discuss your business idea and vision in more detail. You will discuss your ideas openly with the panel on an individual basis and group activities and lunch will follow.

5 applicants will be invited to attend the final stage.

The 5 will be offered presentation technique coaching by Vicki Foster from St James’s Place in readiness for Phase 5

The remaining 10 will be offered a coaching session on resilience by Eoin Corbett, Executive Business Coach.

Phase 5 – Final stage

The 5 ‘Winners’ will be invited to meet us at a prestigious London venue for an award ceremony and to be introduced to, and discuss their businesses with, senior business personalities including venture capitalists and other senior business influencers/decision makers. This will be an exciting opportunity where the 5 will meet with highly respected businesspeople who will add value to their approach and business ideas plus the real possibility exists of this being a potential springboard into another world. This is the opportunity to shine and impress and doors really could open.

Lunch will follow, prizes will be awarded, and all 5 will then meet with and be allocated to their individual mentors who will commit to working with them until September 2022 to refine further their approach to commerce.

A business start-up pack including professional logo design, business card and stationery will also be presented to the winners.

Key dates

  • 30th September VCPB 3 years on – launch of VCP Ventures Phase 1

  • 15th November applications for VCP Ventures close

  • 26 November latest, successful 50 shortlisted businesses announced

  • 3rd December 50 to submit 2-minute videos Phase 2

  • 20th December latest, shortlisted 30 businesses announced

  • January 30th Phase 3 meeting – likely remote video meet.

  • February 15th latest, shortlisted businesses announced

  • February 24th Phase 4 in person meeting London

  • February 25th – announcement of successful final 5 businesses.

  • Friday 18th March 2022, successful candidates will attend in person Phase 5 meeting including VCP Ventures panel, venture capitalists, business executives etc. 09.30 for 10.00 start at venue TBC

  • Post event mentoring commences which will run until September 2022.

Applications can be submitted after the 30th of September by email to the following address:  

Submissions must be in no later than the 15th of November 2021 when the application window closes.


Dates may change subject to any Covid related restrictions that may be in place at the time. Our intention is for this not to be the case and the dates, rules allowing, will hold.

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