Parents, Guardians & Family Ties

We recognise that the Family plays a big role in the success of young people, however being a parent comes with it’s challenges. We are well aware that there is no handbook or manual for parenting and the subject can often leave individuals feeling embarrassed or even defensive.


We want to encourage parents to embrace some of the services available and set up to support families. We want to dispel the stigma attached to receiving support around their parenting.

We endorse and fully agree with the old traditional saying “it takes a village to raise a child.” As part of the village we have created this page so that we can share interventions that we feel will support families with some of the challenges they face.

Together they engage with young people in local communities through youth forums and regular meetings to ensure the issues faced by these individuals are recognised by the board in the planning of wider solutions.

Courtney Brown

What do we do?

  • We Connect with trusted local grassroots organisations that deliver services to parents and carers.
  • We Listen and acknowledge their concerns around the services they provide.
  • We Act by being their strategic voice that informs and influences policies.
  • We Promote and signpost the local grassroots organisations via our website.
  • We Support the organist ration by providing information, advice and guidance to resources that can help build their capacity to reach more parents and carers.

Who do we work with?

All members of the community including service providers and service users across the board.

  • Community (public)
  • Voluntary sector
  • Schools and educational facilities
  • Community services
  • Libraries and other information outlets

What are working on this year?

Making links with local organisations and mapping their services, in particular grassroots organisations working with parents and carers.

Due to the changes presented by Covid-19 that prevents us from congregating, we are hosting 2 online events focusing to provide support for parents and their children.

  • Identifying services through local organisations and CVS
  • Engaging with at least 5 services per BCU area with support from fellow VCPB members, and adding their details to the website 

Support for Parents & Guardians

If you are a parent wanting to make a difference, join one of the organisations below

Getting Involved

Do you have influence in your community & WISH TO GET INVOLVED WITH THE VCPB? 

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