Young people are at the core of our work, understandably because they are the most affected by violent crime in London and the wider United Kingdom.

We believe in the importance of having young people involved in our work, allowing our strategies to be well informed by those who will be most affected by them. 


The theme of youth is represented on our wider board by Jane Brueseke, a youth engagement and participation professional with over 20 years experience in her field.

Jane engage with young people in local communities through youth forums and regular meetings to ensure the issues faced by these individuals are recognised by the board in the planning of wider solutions.

Jane Brueseke

What do we do?

Who do we work with?

Young people affected by violent crime, to ensure all voices are heard, particularly those most affected or with lived experience.

How do we do it?

We capture the youth perspectives via attendance and engagement with a range of youth forums and meetings across London and wider, forging networks and links with all recognised and grass roots youth providers.

What have we done so far?

Ensured the voice of a wide range of young people was fed in to all VCPB events and initiatives including developing VCP champions and ambassadors. This year we’re also establishing a VCP youth forum that feeds directly into the board.

Of course Covid-19 requires us to adapt our approach but we are engaging with young people through different platforms until we are able to connect in person.

Youth Activities

initiatives, services and opportunities for young people

Getting Involved

Youth is a really important area of the VCPB work. If you deliver effective services to youth, we want to hear about and promote it.

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